Screw Pile vs Concrete

Postech Northern’s screw pile foundations have many advantages over concrete. We’ve compiled some of the reasons to go with Postech.

No atmospheric condition limitations except frozen soil.Easily moved or removed at a later date with no mess.  Limited to dry periods and temperatures above freezing point.Must be dug out to remove leaving a mess to the property.
Reusable, Recyclable & Eco-friendly. Non-reusable and NOT Eco-friendly.
Reduced costs, reduced delays. No land site damage or pollution. Excavation required, land site damage, long delays and limited life expectancy.
 Minimal equipment required, easy handling.
One man job – most of the time.
Multiple pieces of equipment, more than one worker on site.
Clean, no excavation needed for auger-driving operation. Leftover soil, excavation is required, Heavy concrete mixers – damage to lawn and asphalt driveways.
One piece of equipment, fast guaranteed professional installation. Excavation, formwork, concrete and many hours for installation. Often no guaranty.
Build site planning is reduced to marking for exact location and desired height. A full-time on-site manager to plan operations and direct work.

No more excavating, concrete, delays due to weather, heavy machinery…
Say goodbye to your hassles!

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