Through the years, Postech has never stopped innovating the equipment used to install their screw piles. From its beginning in 1995 until now, the evolution of our equipment has allowed us to remain the industry leader.

Equipment Evolution

The Screw Piles were installed using a trailer mounted hydraulic system.

Postech innovated by adapting a hydraulic system onto an ATV. Having all-wheel traction allows access to difficult areas without damage to land sites or property.

Creation of a small, jointed, 4 wheel machine designed for hard to reach installation in restricted areas. This particular equipment is complimentary, allowing for complicated installation possibilities. The ATV, however, remains the equipment of choice in most cases.

Postech innovated yet again by the creation of an adjustable auger driver which is adaptable to most mini-excavators. This equipment has excellent locomotion in almost any type of terrain.

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