Postech Screw Piles

At Postech Northen we are working to give you a product, and professional installation that is guaranteed. Postech’s excellent Screw Piles will ensure your complete satisfaction. Your expectations will be the same as ours, that’s why we don’t hesitate to guarantee the installation of our Screw Piles against frost related movement.

Here are the main advantages which contribute to the ever-growing success of this technology:

  • Quality tested materials and professional installation is supplied – You don’t have to do a thing, simply indicate the location!
  • Fast & accurate installation, generally without excavation (no damage to land site);
  • Construction can begin as soon as the Screw Piles are installed;
  • They may be installed beneath existing structures;
  • They are reusable & recyclable (we can unscrew and reinstall them);
  • They are adjustable : After the pile’s installation, a Postech Screw Pile supporting head is added, which fits into the piles shaft, and allows for level setting (up to six inches);
  • They may be lengthen by adding a Postech Screw Pile extension which is fastened by a sleeve coupling and bolted for maximum stability;
  • Excellent price/quality value often cutting building costs;
  • Different blade dimensions allow for adjustment to different soil types and load bearing requirements;
  • May be installed regardless of temperature, climate or time of year with no special equipment required;
  • May be installed in soil where water table is near surface;
  • May be installed near or in water without causing soil erosion pollution or rusting.
  • The concrete forming tubes (sonotubes┬«) normally used, pales in comparison to the numerous advantages and flexibility that the Postech Screw Piles offers.

Postech Northern Screw Piles offer a solid and durable foundation, without the problems inherent of traditional methods of concrete foundations.

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