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Winter Installation

Here they are. We installed 4 posts yesterday in 3 feet of frosty ground. In no time at all we had them in with our special attachment. Take a look!

Winter Auger

Our winter auger. This can drill through frosty ground. No need to wait till spring to build that deck!


Drilling in Frost

Installing the Postech Screw Pile after drilling with our specialized bit.

Finished Ready for Deck

Almost done!

Ready for Small Deck

Completed! Ready for the deck. Another satisfied Postech Northern customer.




Sono Tube Removal

This is a common occurrence. Removing sono tubes that are 2 feet in the ground. This contractor called Postech Northern because the customer’s existing deck was heaving from the frost. While we were there, we decided to assist in the removal of the existing sono tubes. Well needless to say the pictures speak for themselves. Some were in the ground 2 feet some not. We installed Postech Screw Piles 6′ to 7′ in the ground. These aren’t going to move!

Sono Tube after being removed.

Sono Tube after removal


Another Sono Tube Removed

20141217_133529 (1)

8 Sono Tubes Removed in Total.  9 New Postech Screw Piles Installed


Got Frost. No Problem!

Postech Northern can install Postech Screw Piles in frozen ground. A special attachment for our excavator allows drilling through the frozen ground to a point where we install our screw pile. In winter, frost in our areas can be 3′ in the ground. This does not pose a problem for Postech. Using our specialized equipment, we are able to install your screw piles to get the project done. We work all year long so don’t delay your renovation. We are not  hampered by the cold!

An example of our drill bit for paved driveways and frosty ground.

An example of our drill bit for paved driveways and frosty ground.